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Playing in Traffic

by Steve Macdonald

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  • First published in 2003, this book contains all 25 songs from the 'Crossroads' and 'Playing in Traffic' albums, with an additional 8 parodies Steve has never recorded.

    This massive 88-page book features music notation transcribed by Dr. Mary Crowell, as well as artwork by Jane Irwin, Beckett Gladney, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, and Seanan McGuire (among others)!

    Only available in a dead-tree edition for the last 17 years, this digital-only release became available for the first time in July, 2020. You will receive a download link by mail after the purchase is completed.

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Premonitions 03:18
Premonitions ©1984 by Steve Macdonald and Rick Cartledge Started out a deep feeling, far away in my mind Clouds formed, the sensation grew. The fog rolled in and parted There she stood and called to my dream Chorus When you're looking for love, the ultimate Love; The only Love you should find Premonitions come to your mind- Premonitions come to your mind. . . With a wave she beckoned to follow Then she faded into the fog Only to return every night And with darkness she drew ever closer Chorus Instrumental From out of time long forgotten We found each other one night Everything froze, save love long lost I found what I was meant to find Chorus
Gallamor 03:21
Gallamor Lyric ©1982 John Macdonald Music © 1982 Steve Macdonald Gallamor is my name And my heart is of flame; The brightest light that's left to all this land. . . This world that I've loved so long; Now the magic is all gone- And my fellow Man won't understand. . . I've walked across the lonely earth From the Grey Havens to Minas Tirith; From the Southern Deserts to the Northern Waste- Snow lies lightly on the mountains of Mordor. In Mirkwood the spiders are gone. Of the Evil once here, there is no taste. The black gates hang loose, rusting. Minas Morgul has fallen. The shadows are only shadows From which the owls are calling. Gallamor is my name And my heart is of flame; The brightest light that's left to all this land. . . There remains but one golden Ring, But little magic does it bring. All it shows are dreams turned to sand. . . I found this Ring one day Fishing on the mighty Anduin. It stretched my life beyond all normal span- In my youth I was a huntsman of Gondor. I played with elves and spoke with dwarves aday. I knew the best and kindest of the land. Since then I've had to witness How low Middle-Earth has fallen; For too soon after Sauron's death Did Valinor come callin'. I've learned the bitter truth; With Great Evil and Great Greed, Great Nobility goes hand in hand. The world must keep in balance, Now the elder days are gone And magic has deserted all the land. Since then I've had to witness How low lowly Man has fallen; Great cities now in ruins And barbarity is callin'. Gallamor, full of tears; I have lived for two thousand years. The emptiness is more than I can bear. . . I've wandered o'er a land Where the life's become so bland; And I am the only one to even care.
Dreamer's Song Lyric ©1979 by John and Steve Macdonald Music © 1979 Steve Macdonald Chorus So, I go Back to where the monsters lurk; Comic books, and Captain Kirk. I remember all their names and faces I dreamed my days away in other spaces. Didn't you know Chris Columbus was a dreamer, And Neil Armstrong just a kid at heart? I can be Aragorn or Mr. Spock, Philip Lynx or old Tick-Tock Or a Pierson's Puppeteer- I'm a Pierson's Puppeteer. I want to go to the moon and my friends, they all laugh. My teachers think I'm a little odd, but they don't know the half. 'Cause I see space colonies in the sky And asteroid miners flying by; Power stations 'round the Sun Now the Dyson Sphere's begun; And a First Contact I see. . . Is that Contact with me? Feels like nobody sees it the way I do. I get pats on the head, "He'll grow out of it." it's said. But even as far as we have come, they still can't see Something new. Now I'm a little older; and my friends, they just giggle. 'Cause I've been playing D&D and reading "Leaf by Niggle". Spacemen aren't cute anymore The adults think I should mind the store; To be too old for dreams- I should get down to earth, it seems. "Get practical," say the crowds. "You've no business in the clouds." Seems like nobody sees it the way I do. I am told, "Get to work, frontiers are for jerks." But even as far as we have come, the dreamers are So few. Chorus Now I'm a man, I shouldn't dream anymore. I've got responsibilities and a family to provide for. But still I reach out for the stars- We'll move into the Universe; Still I read Asimov and Heinlein Niven and Herbert still blow my mind And I've found others just like me; With visions of Eternity. At least a few see it the way I do. Most people just don't understand A dreamer's touched by God's own hand. Now look at how far we have come; the Dreamer Could be you. Chorus So, let's go Back to where the monster's lurk. Comic books, and Captain Kirk. Remembering all their names and faces Dreaming days away in other spaces. Didn't you know Chris Columbus was a Dreamer, And Neil Armstrong just a kid at heart? You could be Aragorn or Mr. Spock, Philip Lynx or old Tick-Tock; Or a Pierson's Puppeteer- We're Pierson's Puppeteers.
Tremor 02:53
Tremor ©1994 Steve Macdonald Shake Fissures down below Pressure builds so slow Sudden CRACK Then go- Shake Shift and move Ground pours, you lose It's all dark, You know- Refrain Run and hide, go get away Find a safer place to stay. Pray the walls won't give away To crush Movement stops Settle in the dust Creeping sounds and gusts Wind rises; Oh- Shake Shift and twist Concrete cracks, then lists It's not over No- Refrain Go Get out to the street Run fast, breathe deep But there's nowhere To go. But there's nowhere To go. But there's nowhere To go.


This EP re-issues the remaining songs from Steve's early catalog that first appeared on 'Songspinner' (1994) and 'Journey's Done' (1995). It is a companion album to 'Crossroads'.

Bill Roper and I were discussing this project, which at the time I had tentatively labelled "Crossroads 2: The Missing Tracks". Needless to say, I thought that this title was a bit ponderous, given the length of the EP. Bill got this evil gleam in his eye, and suggested 'Playing in Traffic'. Immediately visions of standing under a traffic light in the middle of an intersection, singing Crossroads, guitar case open, and angry drivers honking and shaking their fists came to mind.

I was sold.


released July 15, 2002

Produced by: Steve Macdonald

Recorded at:
Primeau Productions: September / October 1993
Dodeka Records: July-August 1995
Thin Ice Studios: July 2002

Recording Engineers:
Greg Gersabeck (Primeau Productions)
Bill Roper (Dodeka Records)

Mixing by Greg Gersabeck, Bill Roper, Steve Macdonald, and Gretchen Roper

Mastering by Bill Roper and Steve Macdonald

Cover art: Todd Cameron Hamilton ©2002 with photographic assistance from William Dyer


all rights reserved



Steve Macdonald Hamburg, Germany

A Michigan native transplanted to Germany, Steve Macdonald has been performing his brand of folk and folk-rock all across the USA and in Europe.

His concerts have been described as energetic, funny, and heartwarming. He sings songs from his life; as well as standards that everyone can sing to.

“A powerhouse, intense and focused.” – (A Fan)

“He’s clumsy and runs at the mouth.” – (His Big Sister)
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